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~George Bernard Shaw

Saturday, May 29, 2010

'Arrive Alive' or 'Be Road Smart' Traffic Campaings

Zambia is one of many countries in the world running national campaigns on road safety. The Zambian concept is 'Be Road Smart.' A lot of other countries too have a programme called 'Arrive Alive' aimed at sensitizing members of the public particularly drivers or motorists to be alert and cautious of their every action before driving (taking alcohol) or once on the road (using hand held mobile phones), to avoid accidents and improve safety on the roads for all road users. I visited the South Africa 'Arrive Alive' website and  it was gratifying to find an article entitled 'Corruption, Traffic Enforcement and Road Safety' recognising traffic corruption as a factor that contributes not only to making our roads unsafe but also as a detriment to national road infrastructure development. I believe this is a know factor across many jurisdiction and it just requires persistent and unwavering commitment at national level if traffic corruption is to be curtailed. The article makes good reading and you can follow this link to access it: http://www.arrivealive.co.za/pages.aspx?i=2811.


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