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~George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tackling Traffic Corruption - Project Proposal

After several days of soul searching, I wish to present to you the project proposal:

Project Title:
Anti-Corruption Campaign against traffic corruption

Project Aim:
This project aims at galvanizing public support against traffic corruption and involves public transport operators as partners in the reduction of traffic corruption. (below is a You Tube video captured by NTV in Kenya depicting the extent of the problem of traffic corruption. This is exactly what happens in Zambia too.)

Project Rationale:
Corruption in Zambia is a reality and a serious challenge to efficient, equitable public service delivery and national development. This project emanate from the fact that traffic corruption in Zambia continues to be rampant and a menace to most motorists as is evident from the reports received by the Anti-Corruption Commission (sector reports), while it is also acknowledged that most cases go unreported due to satisfied benefits of both the giver and the receiver. The project will focus mainly on the supply side of bribes (motorist) while engaging the demand side (law enforcement officers), as key players in this vicious cycle.
Project Action:
The project will employ a number of community engagement strategies in the course of achieving the aim of the project as a collective action. Some of them will include creating awareness among public transport operators and law enforcement officers on the effects of corruption on society and the nation at large through workshops, building coalition and networking between public transport operators and traffic law enforcement officers/ institutions towards tackling the vice through meetings and or forums, seeking public support against the vice through various media channels, advocacy and collaborative planning in identifying measures and steps that can be utilised in addressing the vice.
Risk Identification:
Corruption often involves two players as is the case in this project. In analysing the risks, the key question that arises is ‘Who Benefits from this vice.’ There are some players on both sides who greatly benefit from this vice and will oppose the project or indeed not participate in the implementation of measures to be identified so that they promote the status quo.


  1. This is a welcome blog Tim. I hope people will find time to constructively help build a corruption free Zambia by making very good and actionable suggestions on how Traffic corruption can be reduced in Zambia.I for one think that the Road Traffic Commission should have more presence than police at Road Blocks or Snap Checks as they call them now.

  2. Thanks Foster for your views.I believe these are some of the issues that need to be discussed in a forum comprising all stakeholders.